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Now back to our house i was now 18 years old now as per new noms of govt i have to write my name as Miss Mahesh Saraswatidevi Shenoy (not kapoor because my mom wanted her surname before marriage) my father name is Mrs. Nageshwar Saraswatidevi Shenoy. Mumbai Escorts Though the war has stopped but problems for family was not reduced but they were increased. Due to physical changes in body womens now a day only wear pants and shirt also no jewelry though men were wearing Bra under there shirts but nothing more than that. Both my mothers business and my mamis business was in very very poor conditions both families having tons of loan on there head.

on one fine day when we are having our dinner it means all womens in house i.e. my mom, 2 sisters, mami and aishwarya were having there dinner while we the men were serving the food to them. They were watching news on TV. And there was a breaking news on TV that now new govt has made new law for married men. And that was every mRriex man has to were MANGALSUTRA. Mumbai Escorts Service Hearing this news aishwarya jumped from her sit and shouted in excitement "yes we have done it". No body could relise what was happening. Then my mom asked aishwarya what was going on. Aiahwarya explained it was her and her mother plan and using there political referance and spending lot of money the law has been passed is her idea only. Now definitely there business will increase.

We all men were ashamed that now we the men has to wear MANGALSUTRA we had our dinner after women finished there. We all sat in our hall watching TV and also the discussion was on on the news. Aishwarya was telling it is just the start we will make men wear all the jewelry from toe to head. After some time watching tv every one gone in there room. while i was in hurry to finish my work in kitchen because i know that my love aishwarya was waiting on taries. I completed my work and gone up to teries. Mumbai Escorts As i was entring on teris aishwarya come from behind and gave me hard kiss on my lips. I was trying to escape from situation. but couldn't do any thing in front of aishwarya's strength. After some time she released me. I shouted at her I Hate you she asked why i said because of you now dad and mama has to wear MANGALSUTRA. She said she is sorry but there in no other way we have to sell our jewelry. And asked "what about you ? You don't want to wear MANGALSUTRA." I was very embraced and tried to run away from there but she hold my hand and given one gift to me and said " tomorrow there is a function in our home and were these cloths. " I ran away from there